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8P2C plug

GYA Modular plug meet the following standards:


ISO/IEC 11801 

ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68)


IEC 60603-7

8P2C plug

GYA High quality CAT.5E RJ45 8P2C UTP Modular plug. 

Use Teijin PC material with excellent transpacy, flexibility and durability.

Full gold thickness FU", 03MU", 6U", 15U", 30U",50U".

Different colors are all available.

Our modular plug are UL, RoHS & REACH certified.

All colors are available

Small MOQ for long term working relationship 

Welcome for OEM/ODM

GYA Part No. & Description:

SP82RE50V2 Cat.5E UTP Modular Plug designed for Stranded UTP Lan Cable

SP82RY50V2 Cat.5E UTP Modular Plug designed for Stranded & Solid UTP Lan Cable

E: means 2 prongs for stranded wire

Y: means 3 prongs for stranded and solid wire 


Gold Plating:

Fu" /0.016um ,1u" /0.0254um ,3u"/0.076um, 6u"/0.l5um, 15u"/038um, 30u"/0.76um, 50u"/1.27um


Inspection for Environmental Protection:

Based on the performed tests on submitted sample,

The test results are Compliant with the limits of ROHS & REACH.

Electrial Characteristics:

Rated Current: 125V AC, 1.5A@25°C

Contact Resistance: 20M Ohm Max

Isulation Resistance:500M Ohm Min, 100V DC/min

Voltage Proof: 1000V AC/1 minute no breakdown


Mechanical Characteristics:

Insertion Force & Withdrawal Force : 20N Max

Durability: 750 cycles Min 

Gold Plate Inspection:

Per MIL-G-45204C TYPEII (99% pure gold minimum) 

Grade C+ (knoop hardness range 130-250)

Class 1(50 micro inches minimum thickness)

Material & Finish:

Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Contact blade: High strength copper alloy [JIS C5191R-H(PBR-2)] . 100 micro inches nickel under plated & gold selected BSI EN 60603-7/(IEC60603-7)

Operation Temperature: -40°C~+85°C

We are recognized with good reputation in Structured Cabling Industry and have the pleasure doing OEM/ODM for many good brands.

OEM Logo on Plug

OEM Design on Package & Label

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